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19 May 2021

Let’s start from the beginning. Since humans started to consume entertainment on demand, the processing unit was close to the consumer.

When you wanted to listen to a song, probably you played a cassette on your Walkman, or a CD on your player. If we move to another source of entertainment, the same happens. Surely you watched a movie on your VHS or Blu-ray player, played a game on your Atari, PS4 or Mobile device. This is the beginning, the processor power was in the household or close to the consumer.

But the entertainment industry grew, got mature, and the technology was advancing at a faster pace. Several factors helped to do the jump to a new era, the streaming services age.

Technology is cheaper, more powerful, faster, and easy to be adopted by all of us. A lot of devices are now talking to each other. Something that was way out of our imagination a couple of decades ago, a fridge, a car, or a lamp now are connected to the Internet. We are in a moment when content creation is booming.

~10,000 new games were published on steam in 2020.
~70,000,000 tracks are now available on Spotify.
~More than 82 years of content are uploaded every day to YouTube.

Since the early days of this century, it started to migrate, slowly at first, and at faster speed right after 2007 from the local to centralized processing space.

Some companies transformed themselves, like Netflix, and others were eaten by the progress. They were wise to see and understand what is the new era and what is coming. They betted on the streaming industry rather than the old way to do business. It’s clear that they were right.

Slowly these new streaming services started to multiplicate and grow, and the traditional linear entertainment industry such as TV, radio, and cinema need to adapt to the new era to avoid the same fate that has befallen certain industries and companies in the past decade or so.

Ok, a lot of words, but almost nothing related to gaming. Indeed, one element of the holy trinity of entertainment is gaming, but gaming is so much complexer than audio and video to be streamed.

For the start, gaming is in real-time, no buffering. We don’t know what’s going to be in the next video frame. There is no buffer. Everything is in real-time. I press a button, the player has to shoot the ball now, not even 100ms after or before.

So, why is cloud gaming so important, and how is this something that could be imagined in Latin America?

If you want to play a song or a movie, the device to do that is somehow inexpensive. You can play a 4k film with a device under 150 USD, but gaming is quite different. A gamer PC to be able to run a game (a AAA game, with settings in High) could cost about 1200 USD to 2000 USD (or more).

If we use this same example but placed in Latam, the amount of money to buy one of those devices equals several monthly salaries. This is prohibitive for a big chunk of the population. If we think of the alternatives available, a new console with no games costs the same as 6 up to 8 years of Cloud Gaming services with more than 150 titles.

So, Cloud Gaming allows you to play an eater-resource game with settings at maximum on almost any device. Let’s say, you can enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 at full on your office laptop or even on your mid-tier Android phone. Why? Because all the processing power is in the cloud. The device only reproduces video and sends the controller output back to the cloud.

That sounds awesome, so why has nobody done this before? We are in a precise moment where the technology allows us to run this solution at an affordable price for the final user, and the connectivity services are in place to let us offer this service, meaning sufficient bandwidth, trustworthy ISPs, fibre, and brand new 5G deployments.

AWG is offering a top-notch and fully customized Cloud Gaming solution to Telcos and ISPs in Latam and Africa. The technology implemented in our solution overperforms the competition in terms of cost and performance, meanwhile, our content acquisition team is looking for the newest and coolest titles around the world.

By Walter Souto
Head of Product – Gaming

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