Integrating Carrier Billing for Widow Games.

The most exciting games are available.

22 June 2021

Integrating Carrier Billing 📲 for Widow Games in Latin America! Big news ahead.

We are working on offering an optimized experience for the user with the best service.

Widow Games is a videogame developer company specialized in porting classic and famous board games to digital platforms. They develop the best versions of those well known games that the users know and love.
Above all, different generations have been playing these games in physical forms. In conclusion, the mission of Widow Games is to reduce the gap between physical and digital entertainment by creating experiences for the users.

Some of the most exciting games are available: Memotest, 21 Blackjack, MemoCrack, Sudoku, Ludo Adventure, Memorama, Carrera de Mente, Trust Financiero, etc.

Join us to discover more!


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